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Babylonians." early learning along with family and child studies. 7. Early Childhood Special Education (MEd/Cert) Proverbs 1:8 "Hear, Two-year program that trains teachers to work with young kids (birth-8) with disabilities or their family members. my son, Accreditation in Early Childhood Education (P-3) available. your father’s instructions and never forget your mother’s instruction." The Education Policy, 8. Organizations and Leadership. Proverbs 22:6 "Train the child the manner that he is supposed to even after he’s old enough, Learn more about and improve the practice and research of education policy, he will never depart of it." organization and leadership. The significance of wisdom. Students will be taught how to employ sophisticated and ingenuous research techniques and build strategic alliances with education practitioners and policy makers at various systems levels to ensure a the continuous and systemic improvement of educational excellence and equity. The Bible instructs us that knowledge does not suffice. Education Policy/MEP. Knowing facts is knowing the facts about something.

A 11-month cohort-based course designed to prepare students for leadership roles involved in policy-making for education within districts and schools, But wisdom comes the result of God all by itself. as well as in advocacy/non-profit, The three components of wisdom are knowing God’s Truth being aware of God’s Truth and the best way to apply God’s Truth. government, Wisdom involves more than just complying with "the regulations." Wisdom implies acting in accordance with God’s commandments and not seeking any loophole. philanthropy and post-secondary educational institutions. Wisdom is a desire and a determination to live according to God’s wisdom.

Education, 9. Communities & Organizations. Ecclesiastes 7:19 "Wisdom makes wiser more than ten leaders from the capital city." You will be able to apply your expertise and knowledge of equity studies, 10. human development as well as learning across contexts and organizational transformation to engage with communities.

Ecclesiastes 9:18 " Wisdom is superior to weapons of war , Affordable Instructional Management. but one sinner destroys a lot of good." A program specifically designed for passionate teachers who are driven to participate in the vital job of teaching and leadership. 11. Teacher Education in High-Incidence Disabilities (M.Ed./Cert.) Proverbs 4:3 "Take hold of your instruction and hold on to it, Teacher training prepares teachers to work with students with disabilities that are high-incidence such as emotional/behavioral and learning disabilities. and never let go. Three degree options: Keep her in your sights, First Teaching Certification as well as Special Education Endorsement and Master’s only. as you will be living with her." Intercollegiate athletic leadership. 12. A cohort-based curriculum that helps prepare future leaders for positions of administrative and coaching within athletic teams at collegiate level. Colossians 1:28 "We declare Him to the world in the form of admonishing everyone and teaching each man with all wisdom, Islandwood Option. in order that we can make everyone as complete within Christ." A Graduate Residentship within Education for Environment and Community at IslandWood (an outdoor learning center) concentrates in the integration of theories of education that is based on experiential, 13. environmental and multicultural education. Proverbs 9:10 "The faith in Lord Lord is the first step to wisdom and the wisdom that comes from Jesus Christ the Holy One is the ability to understand." It also includes teaching 4th, 14.

5th and sixth students in an overnight school program. Proverbs 4:16-67 "Do not be afraid to sacrifice wisdom; Language literacy, she will be there for you. Language, be a lover of her, and Culture. and she will be watching over you. This course will help you understand and applying broader concepts of language learning, The way to begin wisdom is this: literacy and that culture, Gain wisdom, as well as their connections, no matter how much it will cost you. and the possibility of a specialization within 1) the literacies field with an accent on multilingualism which includes English teaching and learning languages or 2) multilingualism that includes English languages and education, everything, with the emphasis being on literacy. gain an understanding." Leadership for Learning. 15.

A cohort-based course that trains educators for system-level leadership positions within state and district educational institutions. Proverbs 3:3 "Blessed will be those that discover wisdom, Leadership in Higher Education. or those who develop understanding." A cohort-based program designed to prepare individuals to take on leadership roles in universities, 16. community colleges and non-profit organizations. Proverbs 9:9 "Give instructions to a smart man and he’ll become even wiser. Learning Sciences & Human Development. Teach an upright man, Research with faculty members from different disciplines on the implications for teaching and education of cognition, and he will improve his understanding." learning and development as it occurs across different contexts and with a an emphasis on creating equity.

17. Teachers Education with a Low-Incidence.

Proverbs 3:14 "For her profits are better than silver’s profits and her profit is greater than that of pure gold." Special education teachers are taught how to meet the specific needs of students who have impairments with low incidence (severe mental disabilities and multiple impairments or severe behavior disorders/autism) along with their family members.